Some attributes
First Born: 1977
Second Age:37
Third Human
Other attributes
Fourth Ex-Husband: Zion

Daughter: Bo

Ava is a human and Bo's mother. 

Immortal InstrumentsEdit

Ava was a police detective. She was the best of the best. Ava meets a tall, goodlooking man named Zion. Ava doesnt know that he is a archangel from the shadow world. She suddenly fell in love with Zion. Ava and Zion start dating. Ava discovers about his secret and wasn't afraid of him because she thinks that he was a beautiful man. Ava kisses him and they made love. Few weeks later, Ava becomes pregnant with Zion's child. Ava was happy. Zion took Ava with him to the Shadow world. A women senses that Ava was pregnant. Zion was shocked but wasnt upset. Aires told Zion that archangels are forbid to have children. Ava was mad at Zion. Zion didnt care about the rule and tells his people that he does care about his child. Ava apprericates him. The people decides to accept his decsion. Zion wants Ava to live with him in the castle. Ava agreed. 

9 months later, Ava was going to labor. She screams for Zion. He runs to the room. Zion holds her hand. The castle was being attacked by Baelfire. The demons attacks them. The shadowhunters arrived to fight. Zion tells his friend Harry  that to take Ava back to the human world. They went through the portal and ends up at her house. Ava tells that the baby was coming fast. Harry tells her to push. Ava finally gives birth. It was a girl. Ava smiled. She passes out. Harry wraps the baby in a blanket. He tries to wake up. Ava was some reason in a coma. Harry put on the bed. He took the baby to the hospital. He went back to apartment. He tries to wake her up. Nobody knows what happen after that.