In a small town, A young women named Bo is not an ordinary girl. She is a orphan who has weird dreams. She draws a symbol that she doesnt know what it means. Bo lives in abandon house in town. A women named Teressa who always watches her. Bo didn't have no family or friends. When she was in school, she was bullied and teased that caused her to drop out of school. She was in foster home. Nobody didnt want her. She didnt have a name so she called herself Bo. Her life with just stay the same until. One day, Bo was asleep. She hads another  dream about a man. She goes for walk in the cooling morning where people stare at her. Teressa cutting the grass. She said Hi to Bo. Bo waved at her. Bo sat against the wall smoking a cigarette. All day, she sat against the wall watching the world go by. She was getting dark. Bo goes back home. She hears a couple fighting but it was a teenager agruing with her drunk father. He grabbed a knife. Bo eavesdrops. She attacks him. Bo fights and kills him. The teenager named Ally was crying. Bo runs away. Ally thanks Bo for saving her life. She hugs her. "Lets get out of here"said Bo. Bo took Ally with her. 

The next day, Bo was asleep. She wakes up with Ally sitting right beside her. Bo gets up. She brushes her teeth and watches her face. Ally wakes up. "Hi" said Bo. Ally wonders where she was. Bo tells her that she in her house. Ally glad she is somewhere safe. She wanted to know her name. "It's Bo" said Ally. Ally tells her name. She owed Bo for saving from her father. Bo smiled. Bo tells her that she is a orphan. She tells Ally about her miserable and depressed life. Bo had tears. Ally felt bad for her. She decides to become Bo's friend. Bo was happy. 2 weeks later, Bo and Ally walk on the sidewalk laughing. Ally wanted to take Bo this club 5 miles away from town. Its called Pandemonium. Ally and Bo drives to the club. Bo saw the symbol on the billard. The man let them in. The club was turn't up. Bo was have fun. Bo suddenly sees a boy staring at her. He sees a beautiful girl. She tells him to come here. Bo watches him. Bo sees them flirting. The two kiss. The boy unbutton her shirt. He sees her tattoo. The boy pushes. The girl name was Jessie. Jessie uses her robe and chokes the boy. A man named Leo appoarches him. She kills him. Bo screams. Leo saw her. He appoarched her and looked confused. 

He leaves. Ally tells Bo that they need to go.