Immortal Instruments: City of Angels- A young women named Bo is a lonely orphan who has weird dreams and visions that she doesn't knwo what they mean. Bo saves a teenager named Ally from her abusive father. They quickly become friends. When Ally takes her to this club called Pandemonium where Bo witness a man murder a man that was stalking Bo. She discovers that he was a demon. Bo suddenly meets a demon hunter named Leo who was sent to protect Bo from the evil Bael. She must found the angel stone that is in Dark World of the Demons. Bo teams up with the demon hunters to found it.

Immortal Instruments: City of Legions- After becoming a shadowhunter, Bo practice some her skils and strenghs to take down a demon. She has dream about a women named Mira who was the first women to end the demons and is doppelganger of Bo. Bo discovers about the immortal amulet called the Shadow Crystal. Bael is being hellbent from his death. Bo tries to seek help from Teressa who had a past with Mira. Bo lies the power of the amulet inside. She must accpet the gift or there will be a war.

Immortal Instruments: City of Lost Gods- After accepting the amulet, Bo tries to look for her parents since she never saw them in her dreams. She thinks that the dream she had in City of Angels was a women giving birth and a man with wings. She remember his name was Zion. Bo seeks help from a vampire named Dexter who is knows about Bo's history. Dexter knows someone that may know who she is. Bo, Ally and Leo travels to Vanucover where she meets a women that she remembers from her dreams. Bo will discovers who she really is.