Some attributes
First Born: c.900-801
Second Age: 400 years
Third Species: Archangel
Other attributes
Fourth Lover: Ava
Fifth Daughter: Bo" Zandra"
Zion is a archangel and Bo's father. 

Immortal InstrumentsEdit

Zion was the mighty, notorious archangel in the Shadow World. Zion and Aires was both powerful and mighty. He left his kind to see the human world. Zion meets a beautiful women named Ava who is a police detective. Ava founded Zion beautiful and attractive. Zion fell in love with Ava. He decided to tell her what he realy was which caused her not to reacted from the conversation. Ava didnt care. They make love. Ava became pregnant. Ava and Zion came to the shadow world they people were mad at Zion for getting pregnant forgeting about the Aries Law. 

Months later, Ava was heavily in labor. Zion heard her screaming his name. He shows up seeing crying and sweating. The castle was being attack by the demons. Zion tells his friend Harry to take Ava to the human world to be safe. Ava didnt want to leave him. Zion kisses her. Harry carries Ava. They go through the portal. Zion handles the demons. The castle was being destroyed. Baelfire attacks him. Aries was being strangle by the demons. Bael wanted his angel stone. Zion's powerful instrument. The stone was in the human world. Zion uses his power by using the power of the shadow symbol on his hand. He raises his hand at Bael. The power was too strong and spread through the shadow world. Bael and Zion was gone. The demons was destroyed. 

19 years later, Zion was tranformed to an eagle. When he discovers that Bael was still alive and wanted the angel stone. Zion knows where the angel stone is. He has been watching his daughter since she was little. Zion couldn't change back to himself because his power was gone. When Bo was always crying, even he was a animal he was still there for her. When Bo drinks from the immortal cup, she fufils the power of Zion. Zion becomes a human again. Zion reunites with his family